Homeland S7 (TV Review) // Yevgeny, imisshimsomuch, too many “WTF Carrie” moments for my taste

It’s been 737 days. It’s not the same without him, and that’s almost definitely clouding my judgement here but hey how would you feel if that happened, huh? (You probably have no idea what I”m talking about so feel glad.) I probably should’ve put this part first, but here it is:

Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched Homeland up to Season 7. I’ll try to keep it fairly spoiler free but in order to review ‘season seven’ I shall have to reveal some plot of earlier seasons.


The one highlight of this season is Yevgeny Gromov. (Wait you’re liking the villain again Cas, seriously?!) There, I said it. He carried this season for sure, and despite his role he spiced things up alongside Dante Allen, though Dante’s role was more subtle and only obvious at the end.


I’m sorry but I wasn’t impressed by all the Brett O’Keefe/President Keane drama? I just think that the rise of a female President could’ve been done differently because in all honesty Homeland made it seem like she was incompetent (and the country needs a male leader who is Republican and white supremacist) which is such a disappointment because of the show’s history of tackling tough political topics and dealing with them well.

Carrie (yes of course she has her own section, didn’t you read the title? I need to explain myself)

The dedicated fans of Homeland have a certain tolerance for “wtf Carrie’ moments I’d say. It’s built into our DNA, thanks to consistency throughout all seasons. But season 7 took it to a whole new level. Since when does Carrie neglect her family, lie to them and become increasingly desperate to investigate anything? I kind of get the arc the show-runners were going for, but personally I didn’t like or understand it.

Season 8, Yay/Nay?

Am I looking forward to Season 8? Of course, even if it feels like this show shot me in the leg with season seven and not at all in a good way. The beginning of the end is here… Perhaps it’ll be able to redeem itself as we loop back to the beginning. Alex Gansa, I’m watching you; don’t screw it up.

Apologies to anyone reading for making you go through that! You know how I get with shows I love oops. Anyway since you probably haven’t watched Homeland (if you have though please comment ahh), what good shows have you been binging lately?

 Xoxo, Cas

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