Twisted by Steve Cavanagh (ARC Review) // Intrigue, killer characters and yes lots of TWISTS

OMG guys. Woohoo, first review on this blog! (And in over a year, how did I not post a single review as a blog post in 2018?) I’ll get right into it but if you’re still reading, thank you!


1. The police are looking to charge me with murder.
2. No one knows who I am. Or how I did it.
3. If you think you’ve found me. I’m coming for you next.

After you’ve read this book, you’ll know: the truth is far more twisted… 

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In Steve Cavanagh’s latest hit, Twisted, he experiments even further with outrageous plot ideas. A book inside a book (inside a book), there is no telling the difference between truth and fiction on the lines of these pages. Some characters are portrayed the way they want to be seen, while others are introduced in a different light, manipulated by the view of the book’s mysterious author J.T. LeBeau. Although this book does not feature the beloved Eddie Flynn from other Steve Cavanagh books, his name is cited twice in this book, both in the span of one conversation.

I absolutely love morally grey characters, and Paul Cooper is most certainly one of those. There is a brilliant balance between how his wife, Maria sees him, shown when she is speaking about him, and how J.T. LeBeau chooses to display him as a character in the book. It only becomes obvious much later in the book who Paul Cooper is, and what is hidden in his murky past. This book is so much more than a quest to find out who J.T. LeBeau is, though that in itself is an epic journey as most readers will note that the mysterious author has at least three potential identities.

Whenever you think you’ve figured something out about a character, Steve Cavanagh will let you believe you’re a genius, waiting for the smug belief to settle into you before revealing a fact to shatter that belief instantly. There were several distinct moments in this book where I would read a sentence, feel shocked and disbelieving as I looked up from the book and shouted “What?!” Sitting between the inked lines of this book is hidden subtext which added a lot to the conclusion, most of it was hidden action which remain concealed from readers until the very end, or whenever it pleased Steve Cavanagh.

All the characters are as confusing as the twists of the plot; there is no telling who is good or bad in the conventional terms of the words, they all committed acts on both sides of the line. As more about Daryl’s past was revealed, he reminded me more and more of James from The End of the F**king World. Another unique character is Josephine Schneider, who is nothing more than a minor character in this book, but I almost wish she had a larger part. As for Paul’s wife, Maria Cooper, the story is partially narrated from her third person perspective which makes for an interesting viewpoint.

Steve Cavanagh’s Eddie Flynn series is a thrilling and varied portrait, but Twisted exceeds that even and is definitely a book you need in your life. You won’t want to miss this fast paced thriller containing an eclectic cast of morally ambiguous characters, complete with shocking plot twists and turns, in a wild goose chase to find out who exactly J.T. LeBeau is and why they are so intent on keeping their identity entirely anonymous after a shocking paper trail suggests that J.T. LeBeau may be more than just a wildly successful ghost of a mystery author. It may be early days of 2019 yet, but I dare say: Twisted is the thriller of 2019. It’s that good.

~I received an advance copy from Hachette NZ and willingly reviewed it~

What do you think of books with the premise of a book within a book? Have you read any of Steve Cavanagh’s work?

 Xoxo, Cas

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