Book Series // Waiting for the whole series or reading on an ‘as-released’ basis?

There seem to be a lot of ways that people choose to read series. There’s reading the books soon after their releases, then having to wait around a year for the next book, or waiting for the whole series to come out before starting. Some people do a hybrid of this by reading the books as they come out, but before the release of sequels they’ll reread the previous book(s) (whether that’s just the book that preceded the new release or the whole series so far also depends on the person).

In the Book Twitter universe people seem to constantly be able to keep up with new releases, which I don’t think is realistic for most of us! In a perfect world, without school/work/other commitments, how would you choose to read a series? Would having perfect memory also affect your choices in this regard?

The issue I have here is definitely remembering. I do my best to keep up with releases as they come out, but I’ll often get quite a few months behind (let’s not even talk about May/June 2019, aka a massive failure!) without having to try very hard. So for me, the goal is often to read a book before its sequel/continuation in the series comes out. Sometimes it just so happens that meeting this goal means I end up reading the book not long before the next one comes out so my memory is fresher.

I think there are advantages (and disadvantages) of all the different methods, but ultimately it comes down to personal choice. Do you like rereading? (Do you have an amazing memory?) Do you despise cliffhangers? This debate isn’t too different to the one about tv series. Wait until the whole season is released, or watch it episode by episode as it airs? Though I have to admit, with tv series the likelihood of a cliffhanger end of season is quite high unless it’s confirmed to be the last season or something.

waiting for the whole series to be released

I think this method is common when it’s a book/tv show that caught your attention/you knew about when it was first released. Then you don’t really have the choice of reading/viewing on a ‘as-released’ basis. Less common is the deliberate choice of this method, but I have met people who choose this.

The pros of this method are having the full story in front of you, and if you choose, being able to pour through it sequentially all at once. There’s little opportunity to forget plot details and characters here. Also, by the time the whole series is released it’s perhaps more likely that your local library will have it all, so saving some $$$ (bookshops likely have the earlier books a bit cheaper too, at least in my experience).

The cons of this method are having to wait a lot longer for the full story to be released. You have to wait as others discuss the books (perhaps a peak moment roughly once a year). Avoiding spoilers could also be an obstacle. This is something I can never do just because if it’s been a few weeks since the book has been released and I still haven’t read it, I know I need to keep myself away from tumblr/parts of twitter and instagram because otherwise the almost spoilers will pique my curiosity far too much and before you know it I’m on wikia. So I admire you if you’re able to do this!

reading on an ‘as-released’ basis

This is definitely my preferred method haha! I’m big on hype, and if it sounds like something I’ll enjoy you bet I’m getting to it as soon as I can. That being said, the limitations of my wallet and the public library mean that I’m more likely to go out of my way to get books by authors I’ve read and enjoyed before if the library doesn’t have them.

The pros of this method are being able to discuss your reads immediately, and feel satisfied that you got your hands on the book so soon after released.

The cons of this method are forgetting the plot of earlier books due to the gap in time, and potentially the effect on your wallet. I’m known for forgetting books soon after I read them (honestly all it takes is a day, depending on when I start a new book). 

reading on an ‘as-released’ basis, but rereading previous books before each new release

This method is basically the hybrid of the previous two, and I think it combines the best aspects of both methods.

The pros of this method are getting to read books as they are released, but not having to worry about your failing memory. At the conclusion of the series there is an opportunity to read through the whole series start-to-finish if desired!

The cons of this method are mainly timing related issues. It takes time to read books, and you’re potentially doubling your reading time here by reading each book at least twice. If you’re like me and dislike rereading, then that’s another con as well.

I talked about tv shows in this post a lot more than planned whoops. What is your preferred method of reading a series? Is it the same/different from your approach when watching a tv series?

 Xoxo, Cas

2 thoughts on “Book Series // Waiting for the whole series or reading on an ‘as-released’ basis?

  1. This is always a tough choice for me! I think it usually depends on the series – if it’s one that I just CAN’T WAIT to read, and also am afraid of being spoiled on, I’m likely to read it as it’s coming out. If I’m interested in it but not THAT interested, I’ll probably wait until the whole series is out. I’ve never really tried to strategy of rereading before each book’s release, but that’s a great idea!!

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    1. Ooh that’s interesting! I always try to read them as they’re released but I know I’ll get behind so sometimes it just happens that the whole series is out and I haven’t read it yet. And yeah hahah if you do let me know what you think 🙂 I don’t think it’s for me but some people seem to find that it fits them well.


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