Mini Reviews #1 // Elevator Pitch, The Perfect Wife, Heroine

Hello! I’m one week out from finishing exams and being free for the summer, isn’t that insane? This year has flown by, and I’ve gone through a lot. I might make a summary post about it plus goals/resolutions for next year. Anyways, at some point I decided that the perfect antidote for study is books (well, duh), and so I’ve really picked up reading at the end of this month. Funnily enough, they’re all four star reads!

Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay


A highly exciting thriller that begins with parts from the perspectives of characters that appear to have no link whatsoever. As the book goes on, such links are established, between characters and mysteries. Linwood Barclay masterfully builds a case that makes readers lean towards suspecting one character, the final reveal a major twist. At the centre of it all is the mayor, Richard Headley… I really enjoyed this read, the only thing that I thought lowered the quality in general were the small flashback chapters; I felt they could’ve applied to several characters, and while this was in itself a tactic to mislead readers they lacked the fast pace suspense of the rest of the book.

The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney

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An intriguing, speculative thriller. We follow Abbie—or rather the AI version of Abbie, known as a cobot—after she wakes up. Is her husband Tim lying to her? Is there anyone she can trust? What happened to Abbie? JP Delaney does an amazing job with The Perfect Wife, combining high end technology with the universe of a masterful thriller. The Perfect Wife is full of twists and joy, and the use of second person (and later first) is utilised well.

Heroine by Mindy McGinnis

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This book is so haunting and the depictions so realistic, it’s really true that it could happen to anyone… Man I wanted to scream at Mickey to stop but at the same time I completely understood what she was going through. It’s heartbreaking. I did find that the book dragged a little around 3/4 as it was a bit of the same old, but the ending picked things up. We got some hope, however I would’ve liked to see more.

Have you read any of these books? Are you planning to read any of them?

 Xoxo, Cas

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