Mini Reviews #2 // This Darkness Mine, Out of the Dark, Cruel Fate

Happy December everyone! While the holiday season gets underway, as does the frantic rush to read books before the year ends; I for one am like 20 books behind on my Goodreads challenge, but still feeling optimistic it seems… We’ll see if things work out!

This Darkness Mine by Mindy McGinnis

Considering how I loved Heroine and had another Mindy McGinnis book that I’d been meaning to read forever on my hands, it was only right that I turned to it next. But my general feeling after finishing was, uhm what did I just read? It was alluring and dark, sure, but the ending just confused me and I felt sad about Isaac. And yeah I agree with others when they say the characters aren’t a strong point in this book… This Darkness Mine is interesting and had me hooked, but at the same time I didn’t know what was going on 90% of the time.

Out of the Dark (Orphan X #4) by Gregg Hurwitz

Everything that can be expected and asked for from an Orphan X novel; except this time, Evan’s mission is the most high stakes it’s ever been, as he goes after the President of the United States. Out of the Dark has a softer side too, as it further explores Evan’s human side, and the relationships he forms with others. We get to see three other Orphans in action, and I greatly enjoyed seeing Evan interact with them even when they were on opposing sides. I’m certainly ready for Into the Fire to come out. Shortly after finishing this I also read the short story The Intern (Orphan X #3.5):
Story was basically nothing, was kinda cute I guess but not worth the money certainly; would’ve belonged better at the start of an Orphan X book as a bonus.

Cruel Fate (Cainsville #3.6) by Kelley Armstrong

A lovely novella that helped me reach the end of exam season and was a great reminder of the Cainsville series and all the amazing characters from that time… Even though I’m 100% a Gabriel person I’m starting to really want to date Ricky? I was a lil confused about the ending though, because at the start I definitely thought something sinister was going on with Arianell but the ending actually worked out really well.

What’s a completed book series that you miss being immersed in the universe of?

 Xoxo, Cas

2 thoughts on “Mini Reviews #2 // This Darkness Mine, Out of the Dark, Cruel Fate

  1. Ok, I hadn’t heard of the other two books, but This Darkness Mine sounds… interesting. I’ve only read one book by the author, and it was The Female of the Species. Wow, that book was an experience! I think I’ll pass on This Darkness Mine because I’m SUCH a character-driven reader though, haha

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