February month-by-month // School, existential crises, one hectic mess

In summary

One word to describe February: hectic. Well, actually, another I could use to describe it just as well: helpidontknowwhatimdoingwithmylife. 🙂 It really do be like that. For starters, I started school properly this month; January 31 hardly counted. And that meant making a lot of decisions about what I’m doing this year, mostly decisions that I didn’t even realise I’d be making? Because I came into this school year thinking that I’d pretty much planned it out last year and over the summer, but nOpE. Life doesn’t work like that. But as I’m writing this, I’ve finally been able to talk to a principal about what I’m doing and I’ve thought things through a lot more myself so I’m sorta on track now? We’ll see next month, I guess. I had Shakespeare auditions last week and that was kinda a big deal because it’s my last year and this is our final opportunity to do the Shakespeare festival, but good news I got a part and we’re starting rehearsals ASAP as it’s in six weeks so it’s gonna get even busier, especially with uni on top of school but let’s go.

Books I Read:

Call Down The Hawk (Dreamer #1) by Maggie Stiefvater
First Sentence: “This is going to be a story about the Lynch brothers.”

Break the Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli
First Sentence: “White-hot sparks of agony light down my spine, scorching over my hips and into my thighs.”

Fifty-Fifty (Eddie Flynn #5) by Steve Cavanagh
First Sentence: “For a trial lawyer, there are two words in the English language that terrify us more than any other.”

Into The Fire (Orphan X #5) by Gregg Hurwitz
First Sentence: “The industrial sliding doors heaved open to a burst of bitter alpine air, a dizzying flurry of snow, and a barrage of hoarse cries.”

The Tempest by William Shakespeare
First Sentence: “Boatswain!”

Average pages read daily: 54

Total pages read: 1696

Music of the month:

Louis Tomlinson released a gem of an album, Walls, on January 31; I loved it so much more than I expected (the recent singles got me a bit down, if I’m honest), there were a lot of new favourite songs! Valentine’s day actually brought a decent haul of music, including Robinson’s EP Watching You. I listened to Audrey Mika’s new EP as well, Carly Pearce’s album is awesome (I’m thinking stages — Cassadee Pope, but still nothing can compare to that). The Results of My Poor Judgment — Olivia O’Brien!! Billie Eilish’s James Bond theme ahh! I’ve been listening to more JP Saxe, who first came onto my radar with If The World Was Ending, the new EP is great and I love love love his song with Lennon Stella, Golf on TV. The guy is winning simply by collaborating with some of my favourite artists (another song of his to check out is his collab with Charlotte Lawrence).

Television of the month:

Homeland!! B99!! Two vastly different shows, but I love them both for different reasons. Homeland S8 is everything I wanted, man, it’s topical, hard-hitting, fiercely passionate. S7 wasn’t my favourite moment of the series, but that’s mainly because I disliked the storyline more than anything else. S8, as well as being the conclusion, is bringing back characters and themes from S4, which I decided was my favourite season last year. (But Quinn, he shall be remembered </3.) I can’t wait to watch more of this season, and I dig Carrie/Yevgeny. And then B99. I love the way the showrunners and writers are able to combine comedy with cops and also discuss issues when they want to. I never want it to end.

Blog posts of the month:

Looking ahead

March means one whole month of high school and uni, plus everything else that’s going on regarding chamber music/shakespeare/study/etc, so it’s probably going to be the most full-on month so far this year. Nonetheless, I am excited; I think February has gone pretty well, especially towards the end, so I have good systems in place for the busyness that’s about to hit.

Book releases

Yay finally some books that have been on my radar for awhile! Chain of Gold; I was lucky enough to receive a physical proof of this book, which I still haven’t read yet (I love school) but ahh I need to. Be Not Far From Me, Mindy McGinnis; I absolutely love Mindy McGinnis’s writing and I can’t wait to read another one of her books. Havenfall (Havenfall #1), Sara Holland; I read the teaser for this one and was intrigued, I’ve been reading less fantasy in recent years so it could be a good one to pick up. Imagine Me (Shatter Me #6), Tahereh Mafi; do I need to explain this one? I fell in love with this series when I was a lot younger, but I love the newly released second half of the series and can’t wait for this end to the series. Ooh also from goodreads; a new SJM book, which idk if I wanna read tbh. Used to love her, then realised there were a ton of controversies there and yeah. Did I forget new Marie Lu, Marie Rutkoski, Amy Engel, a new thriller from Harlan Coben! And a Colter Shaw short story; if you recall my review of The Never Game from last year you’ll know that Jeffery Deaver’s book introduced me to another cool main character, Colter Shaw.

Music releases

Let’s start with things I’m most excited for, shall we? Heartbreak Weather!!! I loved Niall Horan’s Flicker, and from what he’s put on so far (Put A Little Love On Me, ahh) this one’s gonna be great? I mean, Louis Tomlinson’s Walls was far better than I expected. Niall, you better not disappoint. In other news, how i’m feeling~ from Lauv and Calm from 5 Seconds of Summer. There’s also SICK*, Charlie Puth, which I may or may not listen to. Plus, there’s a pile up of January albums I haven’t listened to yet.

TV releases

Uhm, I don’t think there are any, but hey I’ll take a Mulan live action?


Oof so firstly, I’m taking the March SAT and I really should’ve done it by now but yeah it’s my first time so that’ll be interesting, I’m doing a lot of prep in the build-up to it (mainly because I suck at preparing early, huh) so hopefully one time is enough? The week before that I have music camp, which ended badly last year but I think I’m back and ready to have one last blast this year? Robinson and Navvy, two amazing NZ artists, are coming here for a concert but it’s R18, though we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw me sitting outside would we?

What’s the busiest month of the year?

9 thoughts on “February month-by-month // School, existential crises, one hectic mess

  1. Ahh I wish you all the best of luck for the upcoming busy school month, you can do this! ❤ ❤
    Reading this post reminds me that I need to catch up on the Shatter Me series ahah. I stopped around Defy Me, I think, which is not that far away, but still, I'm curious to see what happens next 🙂
    Have a beautiful month! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sooo I just checked (couldn’t remember haha) and I haven’t read Defy Me just yet, and after that I’ll have to read Imagine Me once it releases and then I’m all good haha 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I can definitely relate to school being stressful and time consuming! February was my first full month back for this semester as well, and I’m already looking forward to spring break!

    I love how you include the first lines of all the books you read! It gave me such a great glimpse into what the book will be like. I now want to check out Break the Fall! I’d heard of it in passing before, but that first line hooked me enough that I might pick it up. And even though I’ve already read the first chapter or two of Call Down the Hawk, I still have so much love for all of Maggie Stiefvater’s opening lines. She straight up tells me exactly what I should expect, and then I always have a great time.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my post in your wrap up! It means so much to me that you thought it was worth sharing! ❤

    Have a wonderful March and I hope your SAT goes well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everyone wants the break as soon as school starts again haha, I feel like the first three to five weeks are usually fine then it’s just dragging you to the end.

      I think I saw another blogger do it sometime and it seemed like a really cool concept, that’s awesome though! I just think the first sentence of a book should say something abotu it 🙂 You should definitely read Break the Fall, and exams made me read Call Down the Hawk way later than I wanted to but it was such perfection ahh. You’re right though, I didn’t really notice that until now; her opening lines do pretty much tell you what to expect!

      No problem ❤ and thanks heaps, I hope your March goes well too!


  3. CAS!! i haven’t commented on a post of yours in so long I’m sorry 🥺 But I really loved reading this, and thank you so much for mentioning my messy assumption reaction post!!
    Ahh, how do you manage to balance everything in your life so well?? I feel like you have so many hobbies, yet you still manage to stay on top of everything?? wow, we stan!! And I’m sooo sorry that school started again for you! But I fully believe that you can do this, and you should definitely prioritize your mental health and physical well-being above all else!
    hope you have an amazing March and rest of your year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh it’s really fine I could say the same! No problem, I loved reading it 🙂 and all I can say is I try? For me this year it’s been strict prioritising and putting myself first (plus trying not to get in over my head haha but then again I know that always happens) so yeah really I’m nowhere near as balanced as I can pretend haha. Thanks heaps, same for you, let’s make 2020 a great year!

      Liked by 1 person

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