The End of the F***ing World S2 (TV Review) // Same twisted themes, some great side characters, a satisfying end

This is mainly just going to be a dumping of my thoughts in a bunch of sentences/paragraphs; I didn’t feel the need to expand on any of the points as it wouldn’t have added much except additional words to read so consider this an abridged review of TEOTFW.


I’m pleasantly surprised by the second season of The End of the F**king World? I wasn’t too sure what would happen considering the ending of season one, but I think they addressed it well and used it to further the plot which is all we can ask for.

I was skeptical about the introduction of Bonnie, especially with the first episode (man, that was weird but can we expect any less from TEOTFW) but she did end up adding a lot to the show, with similar themes to S1 regarding dysfunctional teenagers.

The spoken thought was well done, really on point in the situations where it was used; personally the car yard was a highlight of mine.

Can we talk about the jar of ashes? I don’t know how I feel about it but it was really quite something.


Alyssa was the same in essence but overall more subdued/contemplative, Jessica Barden did a great job with her and I think the subtle shift in character shows a projected maturity during the time between S1/S2.

Aw, Todd, I felt bad for him. He was well and truly used by both Alyssa and the writers, I thought it was a bit unnecessary but I do acknowledge it added something to the story.

Alyssa’s aunt was cool! I still didn’t like her mum at all (correction I can pretty much say for a fact that I hate her but I’m trying to be nice here), good on her for ditching Tony though? Hey actually afterthought weren’t there like twin kids, where’d they go? I’m of the belief Tony would be a terrible dad.

Some characters that appeared in single episodes which I liked; Kevan (well I should say “Kevin with an a”, actually), and “cop with a birthday girl’. Both were comical but stepped up when it was required of them.

The ending was satisfying, I wonder if there will be S3? Because if so, I’m certainly going to watch it. I love the sheer craziness and absurdity of this show, which, combined with its ability to keep things real and sad and relatable, makes it a success in my book.

Do you like dark humour?


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