You S2 (TV Review)

I kinda felt pressured to finish S1 in the week leading up to the S2 release just because when Netflix originally announced You I was enamoured and decided to read the books, only to find out that the S2 release they were promoting wasn’t actually planned until a year later. S1 was quite disappointing for me, and I struggled to finish it without the motivation of wanting to see what S2 was like. But hey, I found S2 a lot better so that’s good!

I actually have very few thoughts about this season? But here goes.

Candace!! I really can’t remember if this was part of the book or not but I’m getting the feeling it might’ve been. On that note, why don’t all books have spoiler summaries somewhere to refresh my memory?

My single favourite thing about S2 was the appearance of Ellie Alves, played by Jenna Ortega. I liked Delilah too (I remember her from the book but I think the character was completely different in nature) but Ellie really stood out due to her age, maturity, and role in LA. I would love some glimpses of her in S3.

Yeah so as much as I hate Dan from Gossip Girl (you know it’s real when the actor has issues w/ the character too), Penn Badgley does an absolutely amazing job with Joe. As he demonstrated on **[The Late Show with Stephen Colbert] find vid pls**, being Joe is a pretty interesting and freaky process that relies heavily on context.

The final twist with Love?! This… turned out very differently than the books. But considering we’re most likely heading for S3, that’s not too surprising. I’m interested to see what becomes of it, presuming S3 is almost certainly a thing? (Thanks for that spill, Penn Badgley.)

Have you had a chance to watch You yet? What do you think?


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