Mini Reviews #4 // Defy Me, Study With Me, Fantastically

These reviews are from awhile back but two were review copies and Defy Me was a stand out read from 2019, so enjoy!

Defy Me (Shatter Me #5) by Tahereh Mafi

AHH THE ENDING IS SO SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT. I love love love the plot of this, though I felt that at times the romance between Kenji and Nazeera was a bit dodgy though I’m still totally for it. (And also I know so many people called Ella it’s crazy why Ella like it’s a great name for her really but in NZ Ella is such a common name.) I’ll stop ranting for now. ALSO HOW COULD I TEMPORARILY FORGET GOSH I ONLY FINISHED IT THIS MORNING BUT THE PROPOSAL SDKGDKKS OMG!!!

My favourite (potentially heartbreaking) quotes:

She was never meant for you. She was never meant for any of this. That girl was sentenced to death the moment I named her Juliette.

This is, after all, what we’re fighting for, isn’t it?

I can’t remember a single time in my life when someone apologized to me for hurting my feelings. No one has ever cared about my feelings long enough to apologize for hurting them. In my experience, I’m usually the monster. I’m the one expected to make amends.

It’s not insane to imagine that sometimes even horrible people are searching for a way out of their own darkness. – Nazeera

And a funny one for good measure because these all make me wanna cry and also scream about Imagine Me:

“You eat like a caveman.” “No, I don’t,” he says angrily. And then, a moment later: “Do I? – Warner and Kenji

Study with Me by Jasmine Shao, Alyssa Jagan

Study With Me is a short, fun, informative book about bullet journalling, study techniques, etc. It’s full is great tips and information relating to bullet journalling (and tons of ideas for headers, lettering, etc!) as well as subject specific study guides/suggestions; I’ve never seen any book which had so many sections dedicated to different kinds of subjects! I highly recommend getting a copy, and to top it off it’s written by two amazing and inspirational teenagers.

Fantastically Great Women Who Made History

A really cute and inspiring book about women who have made history. I loved the detail in the illustrations, small things that were easy to miss but added to the stories being told.

What’s an all-time favourite book of yours?

3 thoughts on “Mini Reviews #4 // Defy Me, Study With Me, Fantastically

  1. omg I’m so glad you read defy me! Shatter me series is my EVERYTHING. Are you planning to read Imagine me soon? It is sort of disappointing for various reasons but I still ended up giving it 5 stars because of only and only Warner and Kenji. Hope you’re well & take care!

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    1. I’m in lockdown until 22nd of April at least so I won’t be able to get a copy anytime soon but yes, I plan to as son as I can! And ooh okay I mean Warner and Kenji are everything so 🙂 thank you, hope you’re doing well and staying safe too ❤

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