Lady Like (Album Review)

Hello! I think this is the first time I’ve done an album review on this blog (kinda shocking because I listen to a lot of music and love talking about it), but I’m super excited. Today we’re talking about Ingrid Andress’s debut album, Lady Like.

I have Grady Smith to thank for introducing me to Ingrid Andress, and once I heard some of More Hearts Than Mine I started to feel chills and listened to more of her music. On first listen I wasn’t super into the album, but it’s grown on me a lot., especially after listening to Ingrid play a lot of these songs in a more stripped down format with just piano and vocals; I love that she’s a piano-focused songwriter, they seem to be somewhat rare nowadays which is sad because piano is the superior instrument 😉

Song by song

Bad Advice

Considering the first Ingrid Andress song I heard was More Hearts Than Mine, and then I listened to The Stranger and We’re Not Friends, Bad Advice was a bit of a shock? It gives me Sam Hunt vibes a little, but as you’ll see in the second section of this post, it’s not my favourite.


I really like the chorus and concept of this song, in a lot of ways I think it does lead onto We’re Not Friends, the guitar/drums accentuates the strong parts of this song.

We’re Not Friends

First off, Maddie & Tae’s Friends Don’t is one of my favourite songs ever, and while this song is completely different in vibe it’s a similar story. While Friend’s Don’t has quite an upbeat rock feel, We’re Not Friends is inherently sad and I love that about it. And the production ramps up in the second half of the song, which feels right as the narrator of the song deeply feels the realisation that they’re not friends.

The Stranger

It’s either this song or We’re Not Friends that was the second Ingrid Andress song I heard and loved. The music video for this song is awesome and you should definitely check it out. The Stranger is kind of a classic love song with a twist in that it’s reminiscing about the early days of the relationship. The intro is a little bit magical and draws you in? And once again, the guitar comes in at just the right moment to add some punch to the song.

Anything But Love

As Ingrid writes on Apple Music this is the guitar-driven song of the album. I love the country twang that comes in throughout this song! Lyrically I’m not that into it but I love the instrumentation.

More Hearts Than Mine

I watched an interview where Ingrid was asked how she doesn’t cry when she sings this song, and she said that it depends a lot and sometimes she can’t help but cry; that’s similar to how I feel whenever I hear this song. It’s so heartfelt and personal, I love it very much. And absolutely, the stripped back production completes the package.

Life of the Party

I’ve heard at least three songs called Life of the Party, but they’re all so different? When I see a song titled Life of the Party, I instantly have high expectations, so that’s probably why I was initially disappointed by this one. But it’s grown on me a lot, and I’ve become a bit obsessed recently, especially with the hook; I just feel like there’s a little something missing that’s stopping me from loving it? It’s got the sort of melancholy vibe that I love but in a way it’s too upbeat for my taste?

Lady Like

First off, absolute props to this song for the message; Grady Smith said this is the song that should’ve been around when Keith Urban released Female, and I wholeheartedly agree. This is the second time I’ll mention Maddie & Tae (oh man I need to do an album review for The Way It Feels, surely), just to say that I feel like Lady Like is as much a statement to the music industry as Girl In A Country Song, but the message is a bit more universal. I feel like there needs to be a bit more punch in this song, but it’s fiercely inspiring at its core.

Song tiers

This is something I saw Elise @ TheBookishActress do first I believe, and I’m stealing the idea. It’s a short album and I’m not very creative with my tier names but here goes anyway:

Okay tier

Bad Advice, Both

Good tier

Anything But Love, Life of the Party, Lady Like

Amazing tier

We’re Not Friends, The Stranger, More Hearts Than Mine

Funnily enough the songs in the “amazing” tier are the ones I listened to first.

What’s an album you love? Do you listen to full length albums or just singles? And you can be honest, what are your thoughts on the country genre?


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