June month-by-month // Semi normal, chamber music, a lot happened around the world

In summary

June! A month that was simultaneously too long and too short? I pretty much went back to normal (especially after June 8 when pretty much all Covid-19 measures were removed) and the main thing that meant was a lot of time travelling via bus (initially walking, but it’s getting a lot colder, and hey busses are free at the moment). I know I could’ve read more but I’m pretty happy with my reading this month, and I’ve been super busy with chamber music especially as well as school/uni. I’m looking forward to a semi-break in July!

Books I Read:

51106833. sx318 sy475

First Sentence: “In the dead of night, I hear birds.”


First Sentence: “It was just coming up morning when they fetched him from the cell.”


First Sentence: “‘All the world’s a stage…'”

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“The genius of apartheid was convincing people who were the overwhelming majority to turn on each other.”

Average pages read daily: 45

Total pages read: 1396

Music of the month:

I don’t have much good data here since I ended up switching music providers at the end of the month (I’m not gonna pass up a three-month deal okay), but I’ve been enjoying a lot of good music. If you want to know what exactly, follow me on spotify I guess? lmao no self promotion happening here at all. Update: I’m listening to Tenille Townes’s The Lemonade Stand right now and it’s amazing!

Television of the month:

I finished off Prison Break and then promptly lost the urge to watch television, basically? (I think this was June it feels so long ago wow) but I did start watching Friends and it reminds me of HIMYM (lmao no surprises there), I feel like it’s definitely kinda problematic but I’m not taking it too seriously.

Blog posts of the month:

Looking ahead

I’m just tired at the moment, so having a break? That’s all I can say.

Book releases

Goodreads is only telling me about two releases for July, but they look like good ones. There’s Playing Nice by J.P. Delaney; while I haven’t read The Girl Before yet, I really enjoyed Believe Me and The Perfect Wife was also good. I’m more skeptical about Karen Hamilton’s new book The Last Wife because I didn’t enjoy The Perfect Girlfriend that much and while this one has an amazing synopsis so did The Perfect Girlfriend.

Music releases

There’s some really exciting ones for July! My 2019 fave Cassadee Pope is coming with a new album, Rise and Shine, and I can’t wait; she dropped two singles last week and while I haven’t really listened to them properly yet I need to. The Naked and Famous’s delayed album should be out by the end of July, and I can’t wait. Other releases I’ll probably give a listen are I Chose to Remember (Rhys Lewis), Brightest Blue (Ellie Goulding) aka comeback time, and Tickets to My Downfall (Machine Gun Kelly). I loved Bad Things and while I’m not a huge fan of MGK’s music in general his recent releases have piqued my attention.

TV releases

Ah I still won’t even bother looking for releases here though I’m sure Netflix will make something happen, on that note The Kissing Booth 2 is coming out and idk how I feel about that? I’ll probably watch it though, let’s be honest.


School holidays!! But before I celebrate too much the same week holidays start uni starts 😦 Aside from that, hanging out with friends and yeah.

I feel like I keep asking the same things but are things slowly getting back to normal for you? How have you been? I hope you have an amazing month, and take care of yourself ❤

6 thoughts on “June month-by-month // Semi normal, chamber music, a lot happened around the world

  1. things have gone back to normal for you and covid-19 measures have been lifted? lmao i wonder what that’s like.. i haven’t left my house in four months 🙃🙃 but it’s okay i’m an introvert and i’m equipped for it
    i hope you can rest more in July & thank you so much for linking my post!! 🥺

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    1. oof no I honestly forget people still have lockdown because we don’t (we’re not covid free anymore though unfortunately due to a lot of new cases arriving at the borders) ahh thanks I hope so too, I really need it but unfortunately I just don’t have a period of complete freedom from school/uni/extracurriculars, and no problem 🙂

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  2. June was truly slow, at this point everything seems to be dragging out. I’m usually pretty upbeat and productive but today I’m just drained.
    I’m really looking forward to some of the July releases like Loveless, Cinderella is Dead and Today Tonight Tomorrow 😍 I’m also super excited for S2 of The Umbrella Academy and I’ll probably watch Warrior Nuns which just came out and sounds amazing. Thank you so much for including my post and I hope you stay safe and July goes better than June 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree, June felt busy and upbeat especially compared to lockdown but that also made it kinda exhausting. And ooh I haven’t heard of any of those I think but I’ll definitely check them out, I need to watch The Umbrella Academy! No problem, and same for you 💙

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