Goldmine (Album Review)

Gabby Barrett Digs Deep Into Her New Marriage for Song Ideas: 'I ...

Album Overview

Gabby Barrett is still really new to me; I remember her from American Idol, but it was her breakout single I Hope (well, the pop version featuring Charlie Puth) that drew me to her once more. And when I listened to more of her music I realised I was really into it. I saw an album review compare her to Carrie Underwood, and I have to say that comparison isn’t far-fetched at all (what is Jesus & My Mama if not Carrie Underwood?).

Track by Track

I Hope

I listened to this version only after I’d heard the remix, and I don’t know if I like it better than the other one but I like both.

Thank God

Not my favourite track on the album I’ll say, it’s a bit upbeat and boring for me.

Write It on My Heart

This song, oh my. It’s got everything I love about Gabby Barrett all packaged into one song. Heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, a quality instrumental backing. I loved it when I first heard it, I love it still.

Footprints on the Moon

I’m a bit torn about this one, I like it but I also don’t? I’ll leave it at it’s alright and some people will probably like it more than I did but it’s just not really my style.

You’re the Only Reason

Gabby Barrett writes the best love songs and I have to say her and Cade Foehner are definitely couple goals. This song is a prime example of it. I’m not the biggest fan of the intro but that’s over pretty quickly anyway.


As the only song on the album not co-written by Gabby Barrett, I find it pretty interesting that it’s the title track. Not a bad song, the vocals in the chorus are killer and there’s some pretty good melodic writing. But it lacks the emotional connection that would make me love it dearly.

The Good Ones

This was the second Gabby Barrett song I heard I think? If not, it was Hall of Fame. Another good example of a heartwarming love song, I’ve listened to it a bit too much so my love for it has faded a little but it’s a great introduction to Gabby Barrett’s material (especially as the songs only get better).

Jesus & My Mama

Eyebrows raised upon hearing this song? Yes. The country vibes are most certainly present in this one. And the guitar solo, yes please. This would be such a good soundtrack for a movie scene, and an amazing track to perform live for sure. The way the guitar is allowed to trail off at the end… such a solid ending.

Hall of Fame

Hearing the intro gets me immediately into a good mood? Another song where I love the concept and lyrics, and the dreamy guitar in the background really adds to the atmosphere. It does get a bit repetitive but I love it anyway. Plus, the whistling makes me think of Mariah Carey (well duh of course) and it’s awesome.

Got Me (feat. Shane & Shane)

This was one of the album singles and I don’t love it but there’s a certain quality to it that I really like. The cadential pattern combined with the picked guitar works really well and the more filled out sound in the second half of the song when Shane & Shane come in definitely develops the song. The song reminds me a little of You Say by Lauren Daigle just in terms of subject matter and style?

Rose Needs a Jack

I’ll admit in my re-listen of this song I wasn’t paying that much attention, but that further justifies me sticking this solidly in the meh category. A Titanic reference and that’s about it.


I have been obsessed with this song lately. The piano, the lead vocals, the insane harmonies, the ethereal backing vocals… I won’t deny that I love piano backed songs and the way the chords crescendo, wow.

I Hope (feat. Charlie Puth)

Like I said earlier, the Carrie Underwood vibes this song has are crazy. Not much else to say about this song since I already covered the non-remix version but do have a little annoyance about this version: the clicking (which I guess is justified by it being more pop). The only reason it’s in a higher tier than the original is because I’ve listened to it more and I like Charlie Puth’s vocals.

Song Tiers

meh/listen in silence tier: Thank God, Footprints On The Moon, Rose Needs a Jack

sing along quietly tier: I Hope, Goldmine, The Good Ones, Jesus & My Mama

heart swelling singing out loud tier: Write It On My Heart, You’re The Only Reason, Hall of Fame, Strong, I Hope (feat. Charlie Puth)

Have you discovered any singers from talent shows? Are your favourite artists ever compared to other artists, and if so which ones?


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