The Fourth Annual Book Blogger Awards // Nominations Post

I’m super excited to be writing this! If you want more information on these awards, click here. I would’ve written a short explanation for my nominations but honestly I’m just super tired with the start of the new term 😦


Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books


Best Book Reviews

Chaima @ Books With Chaima

Best Book Recommendations

May @ Forever and Everly

CW, Joce & Skye @ The Quiet Pond

Best Discussion Posts

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction

Chana and Malka @ Paper Procrastinators

Best Blog Aesthetic

Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany

Best Blogging/Writing Voice

Taasia @ Librae Paints Pages

Xandra @ Starry Sky Books

Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink


Most Supportive

Lais @ The Bookish Skies

Lu @ It’s Lu Again

Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner

Most Engaged in the Community

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Most Creative

CW, Joce & Skye @ The Quiet Pond

Best Social Media Influencer

Cait @ Paper Fury

Best Personality

May @ Forever and Everly

Friendliest Member of the Community

Emma @ AFCTL

Aditi @ One in a Million

Lais @ The Bookish Skies

Best at Promoting Diverse Books

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

CW, Joce & Skye @ The Quiet Pond


Best Overall Book Blogger

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Cait @ Paper Fury

Give me some more amazing bloggers I should check out?

24 thoughts on “The Fourth Annual Book Blogger Awards // Nominations Post

  1. Yay I love so many of these bloggers and hope that they win some of these awards as they absolutely deserve to. I look forward to checking out the pages of those I’m unfamiliar with too.

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  2. Thank you so much for nominating us Cas!! 💕💕 And I hope the start of your term is going well!!

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  3. aahh cas thank you so much for participating in the awards, and for nominating me for not one but two awards!! i’m so glad you like my book recommendations and enjoy my personality aahh 🥺😭💕 i see so many of my favorites on here, and they are all so deserving!!

    i don’t know if you were aware, but this year marie and i decided to implement a rule where 1/3 of the bloggers you nominate should be small bloggers (< 500 followers)! you're just missing two to qualify, so i was wondering if you would be willing to nominate two more small bloggers? i realize you're busy with your term starting, though, so it doesn't have to be immediately, but just within a week or so! 🥰💖

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  4. oh my god 😭😭😭 I’m just emotional now thank you 😭😭😭 I’m so honored that you’d think of me for multiple categories for this ahh, I don’t deserve you, thank you. I’m just so happy you enjoy my work I’m going to be very sappy now ahhh. i love you, thank you 😭😭😭

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