January month-by-month // A fresh start that was relaxing and productive

In summary

Looking back, I actually think I had a really good time this month? I spent the first two weeks intensively writing, sort of took a week off, then delved back into the land of academia in my attempt to finish high school (and that definitely wasn’t why this post is later than planned, but I will have you know that I am so so close; I just have one last assignment that needs to have its grade confirmed and then I am done!). This was the first year that I really used my summer in a productive manner that was also restful, and it felt so good to be able to do things I loved full time with no other commitments.

Television of the month:

I’ve been having a good time watching Your Honor; it’s growing on me, especially with Fia Baxter’s growing involvement in the plot. I know things are going to get heated in the final two episodes; the teaser counts on it. I’m so happy The Blacklist is back and that was certainly an explosive returning episode, my main thoughts are Liz?! and poor Ressler πŸ˜₯ [this was written after I’d only seen 8×03, now that I’ve seen 8×04 I can affirm that my thoughts were 100% on point and also apply to 8×04] I watched a tiny bit of the first episode of The Untamed, so maybe I’m finally going to watch it in full? I know I need to.

Blog posts of the month:

Yayy, I finally did some blog hopping! A lot more to come; I’m trying to strike a balance between getting through all the posts and not seeming like a weirdo for commenting three months late haha.

On the blog:

I warned you that there wasn’t going to be much content this month πŸ˜…, there were a few posts I wanted to be able to post this month (specifically, some reviews) but unfortunately I didn’t get around to preparing them, but rest assured content is coming to you in February because I’m devoting at least a week to the blog!

Looking ahead

February is going well so far, but it’s going to be a lot more disjointed compared to January as summer is ending 😭 and I’m moving out, so aah growing up?! But I’m really hoping to still be able to get a lot done outside of academia, such as this blog, writing, and youtube πŸ™‚

TV releases

All I’m going to say here is that I want Lucifer S5B, and B99 S8 to come out…


I kinda talked about it above but for me move-in day is February 20, which is scary,,, but I am excited to have my own space and maybe start functioning as a full-time uni student and young professional.

Blog posts coming soon

February shelf-by-shelf! My first monthly mixtape! Reviews (Girl A, I Would Leave Me If I Could, and many more), and anything else I can come up with πŸ™‚

How has your first month of 2021 gone? Are you excited for February?

7 thoughts on “January month-by-month // A fresh start that was relaxing and productive

  1. Omg good luck with moving out and submitting your assignments! So nice to know someone else had a good month too, I thought I was the only one πŸ˜‚
    Thank you so much for including my post πŸ₯°

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    1. Thank you!! I’ve just gotten my marks back from my final assignment so I’m completely done?!! I’ve got some exam resubmissions to sort out the results are out of my control :)) And haha yay for having a good January ❀ no problem!


  2. Speaking of being months late to a post….. Hi! I’ve been wrapped up in school these past few months and have not been blog hopping whatsoever! Thanks for sharing my post! I’m having the same issue now, where I’m going through posts old and new, and overthinking commenting on some of the older ones!

    Also, congrats on finishing high school! I hope that your move in went smoothly and that you’re doing well in your new setting!

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    1. Hi Malka!! This reply is super late as well hahaha, no problem πŸ™‚ I reckon people will appreciate a comment even if it’s ‘late’, but I definitely get what you mean.

      Thank you so much! It’s been a bit rocky but I’m starting to get settled which is good.

      Liked by 1 person

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