You Signed Up For This (Album Review)

Sasha Sloan - Only Child | Album Review

by Maisie Peters
Aug 27 2021 | 14 songs, 46 min 1 sec

Album Overview

I’m a bit hesitant to declare this one album of the year right now but to be fair, unless something truly brilliant comes in the last two months, YSUFT is certainly it. I’ve listened to it on repeat the most for sure, most recently last night in fact (and also right now as I write this!)

Prior to the album release, the excitement started when I heard Psycho; and then I fell in love with Brooklyn, and despite not liking John Hughes Movie the first time I heard it, my mind was soon changed and it became one of my favourites on the album. Even when the album released, I didn’t think I’d like it so much; but Mazzie has truly gone and blown my expectations out of the water with this debut. I can’t wait for more music from her.

Track by Track

This is another album where I could probably ramble about it without listening to it at the same time so maybe that’s just saying that I’m making the right choice spending my time writing about music I adore so much?

★ You Signed Up For This ☆

This song is the perfect album opener. It sets the tone and prepares you for the journey ahead!

★ I’m Trying (Not Friends) ☆

My least favourite song on the album oops. It’s not bad, I think it’s just not for me?

★ John Hughes Movie ☆

I really do wonder how it’s possible that I didn’t like this song the first time I heard it. What was going through my head at the time? I think it really describes how it can feel as a teenager when life isn’t picture perfect like in the movies.

★ Outdoor Pool ☆

Maisie said this one was Taylor Swift storytelling inspired and we get that from the narrative! I love all the British references and just the angsty teen vibes that dominate this track.

★ Love Him I Don’t ☆

Saddest track on the album I reckon; and most certainly one of my favourites. When I started to really fall in love with this track I definitely felt like it was describing my life, particularly the chorus; I also thought the line “everyone else can have him but I won’t” was actually ‘can’t‘ haha which in my mind was super poetic as in, you’re the only one who could have him but you’re choosing not to.

★ Psycho ☆

There’s very little to say other than I love it, and I’m proud that I made my brother acknowledge this track is fire too.

★ Boy ☆

This is just one of those fun songs you don’t overthink, and there are so many excellent lines; one of my faves is “she tries to get closer / so you go and ghost her / like it’s perpetual Halloween”.

★ Hollow ☆

Definite Ed Sheeran vibes from this co-write, but it also feels authentically Maisie. I probably rate it similarly to Visiting Hours in that it’s sad but not gonna go cry level like Supermarket Flowers or Happier?

★ Villain ☆

There’s something I really love about songs that are like maybe I’m the one at fault? Like It Was Me by Lauren Alaina. The chorus hits hard, it’s a super “oh wait” moment.

★ Brooklyn ☆

I don’t know what it is about this song that I love aside from it just being so real? It makes me smile and it’s super wholesome. Only Maisie could write a song about her trip to New York with her twin and ensure it deserves its place on the album.

★ Elvis Song ☆

Below you may question why I chucked this under “brb gonna go cry” but truly that is how I feel about Elvis Song; it’s got a reflective, nostalgia type feel and I adore the music video. Also, it would be rude and inaccurate not to place this song in my top tier.

★ Talking to Strangers ☆

The guitar reminds me a little of Volcano, but we also have the piano and all in all this is a really cute song about being in love with someone and telling everyone about them!

★ Volcano ☆

I’m sure I’m not the only that just really appreciates the existence of this song, the suddenness of the lyric “I’ll throw you in a volcano, I hope death is sudden”? It’s another one of the fun songs on the album.

★ Tough Act ☆

And we have another sad one! I 100% agree with Maisie that it’s a cute ending to the album and I think in many ways it closes off the story of this album.

Song Tiers

Consider this more of a sketch of the different moods rather than a definitive ranking, I think I could group these songs in so many different ways and honestly which song is my favourite depends a lot on how I’m feeling on one particular day rather than anything else.

Special tier just to say that I appreciate the message but I’m simply not that into the song itself: I’m Trying (Not Friends)

Maybe I’m a little petty: Boy, Volcano

It’s a bop: You Signed Up For This, Outdoor Pool

Slow dancing: Hollow, Talking To Strangers

Time to contemplate my life decisions: Villain, Tough Act

Scream it at a concert: John Hughes Movie, Psycho, Brooklyn

Brb gonna go cry: Love Him I Don’t, Elvis Song

And a bonus tier, or rather, just category of songs:

There may be high school flashbacks, but it’s a vibe: John Hughes Movie, Outdoor Pool, Elvis Song

Do you prefer albums with a cohesive sound/vibe or ones that contain a mixture of influences?


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