February month-by-month // The one that finally felt like summer

In summary

Yes, I’m writing this eleven days into March because uni started on February 28 and things have become extremely chaotic. I would’ve done it last weekend but I just wasn’t in the right headspace, but I still wanted to give an update here! (March will probably be similarly late, or even worse, because I know midterms fall around that time argh.) February was the month that finally felt like summer, which is a relief, because November to January was barely a break (yes I know November isn’t technically summer in any sense but I half counted it okay). There was one day where I had a bad morning and was planning on missing a social event but ended up showing up around four hours late, and even though most of the people had left it was a really nice time, the conversations and warm weather gave me the most freeing sensation of summer break. It’s a feeling I’m holding close, because these next four months are gonna be me holding on as the rollercoaster ride continues, but I intend on making it to the end of the ride in one piece!

Maybe I’m just in a mood to write right now haha but on this ‘summary’ goes, I suppose. It feels like such a long time ago but grad school decisions have been coming back, and on the first of last month I heard back from the first school… and I got in! It was super unexpected and I just assumed it was an auto-rejection since it was so early in the season, but that was definitely a relief. Since then, more decisions have come out, mostly rejections but a couple offers and waitlists, so I’m just trying not to think about that too much since there’s still time to decide and I don’t have the full picture yet. I’ve attended one virtual visit day so far, which was really promising, and there are a few more at the start of April I’ll probably go to.


Reading started to pick up toward the end of February! Two books is better than zero for sure. I’m finally catching up with the Eddie Flynn series ahead of the release of The Accomplice in July (I started at book four a couple years ago not realizing it was a series and never caught up, haha). I also read The Iron Sword, mostly because childhood nostalgia for The Iron Fey, but actually ended up enjoying it a lot.


TV in February was mostly me continuing with The Next Step, texting my friends about it the whole time haha. Was in the mood for something overdramatic and light-hearted I guess. Aside from that, I kept watching How I Met Your Father, and I think it’s 1×08 that I especially loved? I think I mentioned this last month too but it’s been surprisingly good to watch.


February was a good music month! I managed to listen to quite a few albums/EPs on my list while tidying my room, and made a lot of progress compiling playlists for several writing projects (even if I didn’t get much writing done -_-). Highlights were finally getting through Lizzy McAlpine’s discography (I am so, so excited for her album Five Seconds Flat to come out next month!), doing the same for Dylan (IKWYDLN hits hard) and Alana Springsteen (Different When You’re 17 ruled January, and Girlfriend came close in February). At the very end of the month I got caught up in my feelings and listened to Doppelgänger by Joshua Bassett on repeat, at least fifteen times on one particular night, oops. Two more songs I really liked are body language of a breakup by Lindsay Ell, which I’ve been listening to for months but suddenly became even more of a bop last month, and Head On Fire by Griff and Sigrid because we love some girl pop power (and you should check out their new version with King Princess and MØ)! Finally, I have to mention Strangers off Maddie and Tae’s Through the Madness, Vol. 1. I think it’s crazy that Maddie and her husband grew up in the same town and didn’t cross paths until high school, and it’s one of those special stories that’s captured perfectly in this song.

Creative projects

I just realized this section is going to be difficult for me to maintain in my current state because unlike everything else in these posts, I don’t really have a tracker set up for it? So maybe I’ll do that at some point. Anyway, I know I didn’t do too much; I’d wanted to work on my WIP this month/summer but that didn’t end up happening as things got busy 😥 I didn’t do much songwriting either, especially when you compare with any month June 2021 onwards, but maybe that’s also me mostly being over the feelings from all of that.

Around the blogosphere

I wasn’t able to do too much blog hopping, but here are some posts I enjoyed (they’re probably older because I have been trying to catch up haha).

Looking ahead

I think I covered most of it in my summary, but not much is happening here; more grad school decisions and the hectic mess that is uni I suppose. Stay tuned 🙂

What’s something exciting that’s happened to you this year? What about an unexpectedly good moment?

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