Dreamers believe in the future.

Why hello there! If you’re here I assume you’ve seen my short bio on the blog sidebar so I’ll skip that part (it contains all the highlights anyway, so you can leave this page unless you really want to read my rambles). I’m Cas, and I now spend my days as an economics graduate student! Originally from Haidian, Beijing, I’ve spent most of my life living in a tiny country that’s definitely on every single map in the world (make sure you check the corners, and if need be, draw it in)—and certainly not part of Australia—called New Zealand, but I’ve now moved back across the world. I’m that person who probably knows your faves and could hold a conversation with you about them since my interests are quite wide and varied, but it’s rare for me to find someone who shares my absolute faves in the same way.

A few random facts:

  • I’m a songwriter and classical pianist, among other things, and music is a huge part of my life
  • my music taste was once summarized as ‘sad songs, aus/nz artists, and yet more sad songs’, I simply refuse to confirm/deny the truth of that statement.
  • if you can’t find me I’m probably tucked in a corner somewhere watching political thrillers or tennis
  • you can catch me working on all the unimportant tasks in the world when I have something important I’m avoiding (this is the best time to ask me to help you do something, I will jump at the chance to procrastinate)
  • some of my favourite and least favourite things in the world are people

If you want to know some of my favourites, head over to my goodreads bio for the most effort I’ll ever put into the task.

Daydreaming Ink, est. 2019

Why this blog?

In 2014 I started Lovely Paranormal Books, which gave me so many skills that have come handy in adult life. Most importantly, through that blog I found the amazing book blogging community. I decided to move to Daydreaming Ink for several reasons, but the main reason is that I no longer felt like Lovely Paranormal Books represented what I wanted to blog about; while Paranormal Romance will always have a special place in my heart for being one of the first genres I really loved, it’s no longer one I read all that often, and while I still wanted to fit primarily into the book blogging niche, there are lots of other topics I desperately wished to write about as well, such as education, music and television.

This blog represents a fresh start of sorts, as well as a rebranding that makes what the blog is about clearer for everyone. As I’ve gotten older, the time I have available for reading and blogging has decreased, and aside from the occasional review or other bookish post I’ve mostly resorted to posting (something like) monthly updates, which read more as reflective/personal posts. I’m still intent on holding onto this little corner of the internet; the updates may be the primary post for the next while, but I’m hoping that in the future I will get back to a fuller schedule sharing my thoughts on what I love.

If you’re still here, thank you for sticking around and being patient with me ❤

Updated July 5, 2022.