Last updated February 9, 2022.

An A-Z archive of all discussion posts and tips ever posted on this blog from 2019 onwards. For earlier posts, check out https://lovelyparanormalbooks.blogspot.com.


2021 Reflections // Thoughts and rambles about a tough year

Academic Experience // What schools are doing well and what they could do better

Avoidance Culture // We all know it’s bad but how do we stop?

Back To School // School survival guide pt. ii, revised for yet another school year

Balancing Life // How to keep juggling all the different parts of life

Black Lives Matter // Ways to support the cause

Book Series // Waiting for the whole series or reading on an ‘as-released’ basis?

Books vs. Pages // How should we measure our reading achievements?

Bullet Journal Ideas // Yearly, monthly, weekly spreads

Characters // Does relating to them make you like a book more?

Conquering the To-Do List // List structures, systems, and handy tips

Daydreaming Ink Best of 2019

End of Year Wrap-Up 2019

Enough is Enough // If you’re not getting into a book, do you prefer to finish it or leave it?

Exam Recap // Now that mocks are over, it’s time to freak out about real exams…

Feeling Overwhelmed // Some wellbeing reminders

Finding Motivation // Hyping you up with the new year

Five Star Reads 2019 // How much do I remember?

Getting Organised // Advice to help you prepare for 2020

Grades // Do you work towards a grade from the start or hope for the best?

I Disabled Push Notifications // Why you should too

Managing Stress // How to cope with the pressures of life

Mid-Year Freak Out Tag 2020

Morally Grey Characters // Introducing the concept, their appeal, what makes them ineffective

Most Anticipated Early 2020 Releases // Oh wait, they’re all series continuations

Music and TV of 2019 // A summary of this year’s favourites

My Organisation System // How I sort out my life for school

Nineteen Lessons From 2019

Note Taking // My experience taking note on an iPad versus paper

Notes on Semester One // Successes, lessons and more from my first semester of university

Online School // Making the most out of a bad situation

Pairing Books and Albums // Future Nostalgia, The Raven Chronicles, & more

Pairing Songs with Stand-alones // My Dark Vanessa, Lady Like, & more

Perfectionism // Its many forms, being extra, not knowing when enough is enough

Piano Practice Techniques // Sharing all my tips because I can never find any online

Post-Exam TBR // Everything I’m looking forward to reading once exams are over

Problematic Content // What problematic means and a reader’s responsibilities for flagging content

Problematic Content Part II // When the content creator has been deemed problematic

Productivity Tips // How to be more efficient

Quarantine Time // Answering all your questions while I’m stuck in self-isolation

Reading Tastes // Why you didn’t like my favourites

Saying No // Why it’s such an important skill to learn

School Survival Guide // All my top advice ft. insights from junior year so far

School Year 2019 // A summary, everything I’ve learnt, looking forward

Study Tips // Why are exams already looming

The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards // Nominations Post

The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character Book Tag

Transferring Schools // Contrasts in culture and values between different schools

TV Shows to Books // Pairing my favourite TV shows with book series

University Majors // Choosing a major that’s right for you

Verse Two // Why is it the most forgettable part of a song?

Why I Don’t Read Book Reviews Often

Write That Essay (High School Edition) // My notes on this student guide