Review Policy

Please note: I am not accepting review requests at this time.

All items reviewed on this blog are purchased, borrowed, or obtained from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review; I accept no monetary compensation for my reviews. Reviews of books from a series may have spoilers from previous books.

1. My Reviews

Any reviews posted are my own writing. I don’t like to give bad reviews, but my reviews are my honest opinion. Just because I liked a book doesn’t mean you’ll like it; everyone has different opinions. Blogging is not my job, and I post reviews because I enjoy it, not because I’m getting paid. All reviews on this blog are spoiler free unless stated otherwise, however reviews will contain information about character relationships and a brief summary. My reviews are all spoiler free unless stated otherwise. All reviews of books in a series may contain spoilers from the previous book(s). Reviews posted on this blog are rated at least two stars, I do not post DNF reviews. You can find my rating system here.

2. Review Requests

  • i. my review

If I am to review your book, I will do so in my own words. That means that you will not tell me what to add or take out of my review, or say my view is wrong. By giving me your book you are giving me full rights to say what I want about it. All reviews are respectful and any criticism is meant to be constructive, not harmful.

  • ii. enjoyment factor

I will not enjoy all the books that I read. If I decide to rate your book anything under three stars, I will contact you to discuss the review. If you think my review is unflattering and do not wish for me to post my review anywhere, I won’t. However, I will not change my review so you feel flattered. Keep in mind that not everyone will love your book, and that’s okay.

  • iii. publicity

I post my reviews on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. If you have another site you want me to post the review on, or do not want the review on any of these sites, please let me know. The review will be featured on my blog as the top post for at least one day, and a link will be shared across my social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr). Any additional content such as an interview, guest post or giveaway can be discussed through email.

  • iv. book consideration

At this point in time, I am not accepting reviews from independent authors, or ebook review copies. This is nothing personal; it’s just that I have increasingly limited time to read/review books. If you are willing and able to post a physical copy of your book to New Zealand, you can contact me and we will discuss options. Genre wise, my favourites are all young adult, adult mystery/thriller and educational non-fiction. I reserve the right to make the final decision about whether or not I review your book.

  • v. review content

If you don’t like something I’ve said in my review, please do not name call, swear, or send me threats of any kind. You’re a professional, and one review isn’t going to damage your sales immensely. I’m a nice person and I am not out to get you. I am here to help you succeed, and if you think that these terms are agreeable, please contact me. We both have a passion for books, and I’d love to review for you!

3. Rating System

How I choose to rate books varies but I take into account a variety of factors such as characters, plot, and personal enjoyment. Occasionally I will add half stars to my ratings if I feel a book is especially close to but not quite at a higher star rating. In my reviews on this blog and the ‘official’ Goodreads rating the stars will be rounded down. I won’t post any reviews of less than three stars on this blog. There is no set formula, but I have a rough guideline for what my star ratings mean:

✮✮✮✮✮: immediately adding to my “all-time-favourites” shelf

✮✮✮✮: an amazing read but I probably won’t think about it for days

✮✮✮: good but I didn’t love it

✮✮: there was some redeeming factor but overall it wasn’t great

✮: I really disliked/didn’t finish it